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I have worked in different childcare settings for 6 years before having my daughter so I knew it would be hard finding a good enough nursery, knowing I’d be fussy. Once I stepped into ladybirds, I just loved the feel of it, the staff are great and really love the kids and the variety of toys and areas is really good. Darcie loved it from day 1, no tears! Now she only cries when it’s not a school day as she loves it so much. The staff have been great with her especially her speech, each week I notice how good her speech is going because they help her every day she’s in. I love all the art work she brings home, the chalk drawings over the car park and the mud and paint over her clothes. She is kept so busy there and is so comfortable there. Also hearing everything she’s done that day and always talks about the staff and how much she loves them and they’re her best friends. Which as a parents makes you feel so comfortable and safe leaving your child there. Very happy with ladybirds and will be sending my son there once he’s two! Lucy crook


Noah has been attending ladybirds in Durley for over 2 years now, he is a very happy and confident little boy and I’m sure ladybirds has had a big influence. He is always so excited to go to ladybirds and comes home singing songs and telling us about all the exciting activities he has enjoyed. 
I have always been so impressed with the staff, they are brilliant with the children and create a wonderful environment for the children to play and discover new things. 
The staff are very lovely and approachable when it comes to discussing your child and very supportive with their development (eg Noah was very slow at potty training). 
It’s the loveliest setting for children and I’ll be sad when Noah leaves to go to school this year. 
Karina Montgomery 
My two children attend Ladybirds and I couldn't be happier with the care and attention they receive. I feel they really know my children and are committed to their learning and development. The staff are so approachable and have been incredibly flexible with accommodating requests. My children are happy and LOVE their time at Ladybirds'.



The staff at Ladybirds are amazing, warm and welcoming. Anna hasn't been socialized like most children her age, because of the Covid situation and as a result She is very nervous of being away from me.

The staff have been very sensitive to this and have made Anna (and myself) feel very safe and secure.

Anna absolutely loves going to Ladybirds to see her friends.

Parent 2022 


We just wanted to pass on our thoughts on Ladybirds. 
Our son has attended ladybirds since September 2022 (he had just turned 3) and has loved it ever since. It has been a very welcoming environment and he has settled in great. He loves his “teachers” and “school friends” and counts down the days until he gets to go back.
We’ve noticed his independence in things like opening food packets and eating whole fruits (rather than cut up) has dramatically increased as has his self care when going to the toilet.  
We’re always pleasantly surprised by the various activities they have done (such as Chinese New Year, pancake day etc) and the creativity of the staff. 
The team are happy to offer advice and feedback when asked and are very approachable. We have no concerns over his safety or care when at Preschool. 
We have no hesitation in choosing Ladybirds for our second child when he is old enough.
Becky and Tom Fullwood 


Ladybirds is such a beautiful, nurturing and happy environment for children to come to every day. 
All 3 of my children have attended ladybirds with my youngest Son currently still going and he absolutely loves it. Our son talks about the staff at home all the time and is always so excited to go back.
The staff are amazing and always welcome you with big happy smiles each morning. The communications between the staff and parents Is amazing and we are always getting updated with our son's progress on tapestry. I feel that ladybirds have built up an incredible reputation and most parents I know have or want a space there. 
Ladybirds have become a big part of our family and the level of care that each and every child receives is just something you wouldn't find anywhere else. 
Hayley Green 
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